Thursday, September 6, 2012

TorriPhoto new store on Etsy

Last month I has opened new shop on Etsy TorriPhoto. There you can find various types of photographic work. 
Inspiring travel photography and nature photography, fantastic landscape photography, beautiful botanical photos, or unique original still life. Flower photography, all season photography, animal photography, insects pictures, motorcycles photos etc.

I started taking photographs in 2007, when my parents gave me my first camera. Since then, photography has become my favorite hobby.

I am not a professional photographer, I use a simple cameras such as Sony Cyber-Shot, I'm just doing what I love. Now I use an Olympus C-770 camera, Sony DSC-W350 and Zenit-E.

 The photos in my shop are represent the world as I see it, as I want you to see it. 

Welcome to TorriPhoto
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  1. Very beautiful photos! Good luck !

  2. Truly beautiful photographs! Good Luck with your new shop :)

  3. Great pictures! The best of luck with new shop!

  4. Lovely pictures. I like the mushrooms and moss most of all.

    1. Oh, Thanks, I like it most of all too :)
      These are some of my first pictures

  5. Beautiful photos! Good luck with new shop!!

  6. So lovely and beautiful photos! Good luck!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I am a new follower from Etsy.

    Please visit and enter the Giveaway on my blog:

    Thank you,

    Ali =)